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About Southern Goat

Southern Goat stands for Baseball Life.  We are the dad sitting on the fence relacing gloves for the kid we see struggling with a busted lace.  We are the mom stressing while her kid is on the hill.  We are the little brother and sister that wants the same gear our big brother and sisters are wearing.  We are the ball player at heart.


What started out as relacing gloves for family and friends, finding deals on slick, comfortable, long lasting and overpriced gloves eventually turned into a quest to make the same if not better quality glove, at a lower price.  Gloves the kids dream up and are proud to wear.  We provide high quality Baseball and Softball gloves that don’t break the bank, stand the test of time, have a built in support system to maintain your leather and offers something that no other glove company provides.  Unique gear at a family price.


With unlimited color combinations why do we see the same four or five gloves every weekend?  Because its cheaper to make the same tired makeup and sell it an insane price.  Southern Goat stands for quality.  Our lineup is produced from the finest American Kip leather.  (We have a few Japanese Kip options.)  Every glove is inspected, personally packaged and shipped.  We produce limited quantities of every style so that your player will almost never see someone wearing their glove.  We want to fit your player with a glove that matches their style.  


Southern Goat stands up for Family because we know the strain of entry fees, 12 hours at the fields eating $5 hotdogs and scrounging up Spring dues.  Southern Goat stands for the kid that cant afford the $400 custom glove and can’t wait 6 weeks to get a glove in.  Southern Goat stands for the Kid that personifies swag and drips it from the parking lot to the field.  Southern Goat stands for the parent that knows his kid has skills and is looking to build the confidence in their player.  Southern Goat stands for the players that sacrifice 7 days of their week to be the best teammate they can be.  Southern Goat stands for the catchers that don’t get the recognition they deserve.  Southern Goat stands for the PO that is the most dominant specialist at the park.  Southern Goat stands for the Corner IF that has chins that matches their hearts.  Southern Goat stands for the middle IF that seems to float when they move.  Southern Goat stands for the OF that covers unreal ground and somehow finds a way.  At our Core Southern Goat stands for every caliper player and want to see our players step out on the field dripping with confidence in themselves and their gear. 

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